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Confirming Email

Different Parts Of The Lists

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Editing Pages


Creating Campaigns

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video #2

Who to market to

video #3

The right platform

video #4

Decide on right incentive

video #5

Creating the incentive

video #6

Updates VS automation

video #7

Optimse your list

video #8

Optimse your optin

video #9

List segmentation

video #10


video #1

What is Email Marketing

video #2

What are autoresponders and how to use them

video #3

What is self hosted email marketing

video #4

Overview of email marketing

video #5

Collecting emails on social media to build your list

video #6

Using solo ads to build your list

video #7

Using paids ads to collect and build your email list

video #8

One of the best way's to build your email list is launches

video #9

Building your list with affiliate campaigns

video #10

Building your list with backend bonus products

video #12

Setting your SPF records

video #13

All about DMARC

video #14

What to add to get the best results

video #15

Making sure your email list is kept clean

video #16

How to deal with hard and soft bounces and what to get rid of

video #17

All about spam traps

video #18

Setting up the email the right way

video #19

The does and don't of email marketing

video #20

How to get the best results

video #21

Segmenting your list to get the best results

video #22

Best email times to mail

video #23

Using automation to engage your list

video #24

How to get the best email opens

video #25

How to get your subscribers to white list your email

video #26

Tips and tricks to get better opens and clicks

"Viral  List Building"

The best methods to get the most out of your email list

"Relationship With Your List "

How to build a relationship with your list

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